Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fit 4 Fun Thursdays!

First off I want to give a shout out to everyone who got in to the Disneyland Half Meet-up! If you where like me, no work got done yesterday at my office because of this stalking that went down on runDisney twitter page and the Disney Park blogs. I just shut the door to my office yesterday and pretended like I wasn't in the office! I sadly did not get picked this time. I am totally batting ZERO for every races I've done at Disney. I am holding out hope for WDW Marathon Weekend in January.

Now to today's post! 

I love Wednesday nights. You may be thinking "Why Kylee? Why do you LOVE Wednesday nights?" Because its Fit2Run Fun 5k night! Our local Fit2Run store has a Fun 5k every Wednesday night. It's a great night for runners of all ages to get together and run. Plus some awesome things happen during it!

Like last two weeks. We had an AMAZING opportunity as runners to test run in some new Nike and Saucony shoes. How awesome is that! I never met an more down to earth group of runners that are really there because they love the sport.

So two weeks ago I was lucky enough to test run a pair of Saucony shoes. I honestly had never heard of the company, but I know I have seen their brightly colored shoes before. We did our normal 5k run, then the fun began. I had a chance to win a FREE pair of Saucony shoes! My mouth dropped. One thing you must know about me is I LOVE FREE STUFF. I love free stuff so much that sometimes Chris and I go to Costco for one thing, and we end up staying for an hour because I want to sample all the free samples!

Fast forward a half hour of balancing a running shoe on my head, I came out VICTORIOUS! I bet out about 20+ people for a pair of running shoes. I was on cloud nine! Chris literally didn't believe, he said I probably bought them. Until he saw the pictures.

 Last week I got to test out the new Nike Flyknit Free Runs. I have become obsessed with this shoes. And I may or may not have a new pair in my closet! But if your looking for new light weight running shoes to do short training runs or 5k's this is the perfect shoe. I wouldn't do more than a 5k in these though.

I spend more money on running shoes than anything else. I find it hilarious that I will buy running shoes full price, but refuse to but heels unless they are on sale. 

Until next time everyone! 
QOTD: How many pairs of running shoes do you own? What is your favorite brand/type? 


Katie Zwicker said...

Love free stuff! Good work winning those shoes!! Hahaha!
I have a question and maybe you could help. I have been training in vibrams five fingers barefoot shoes. I loved them until I went from 5k training to more Milage. Now I've been having IT band pain because I over pronate. (Stupid knock knees!) I've been doing some research and I think I like mizunos but not sure. What would you recommend for longer distance running for over pronate runners like me? Ps this is @khalsssikate from twitter lol if you want to message me instead of answering on the blog :)

Kylee Pitts said...

@Katie- I think the five fingers shoes are so cool looking! This makes me laugh because I call the Tinger shoes (aka toe finger shoes!). Any way it sounds like you need shoe with more support, that absorbs the shock or strike of your foot on the ground. I haven't heard much about the Mizunos. Since you have been running in the vibrams, I assume you like the light weight running shoe. I LOVE light weight shoes. I did a little research for you and here are the shoes and types I would recommend because you will need a Neutral Cushioning shoe.

Nike: Dual Fusion Run 2
Air Pegasus+ 30 (My trainer tested these out and LOVED them)

Brooks: Ghost 5

Mizuno: Wave Rider 16
Saucony: Rider 6 (These are the ones I have aka won and LOVE!)

I hope this was helpful! By no means am I a professional shoe person. I am just good at finding shoes on sale! Have a great day!

Jennifer Pug Pug said...

Congratulations on the new shoes!

I currently have two pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s, in different colors. As I run more, I may branch out more, but for now, I love these to pieces.

Kylee Pitts said...

@Jennifer- That's awesome! I may have to look into those Mizuno's you ladies have me thinking! :)

Krissy said...

Oy....I don't even know how many pairs of running shoes I have...but my faves are definitely Brooks and Hoka One One.

Katie Zwicker said...

Thank you so much for doing that! The more I'm reading about barefoot running the more I'm seeing its not for novice runners lol too much too soon I think! ;)

Kylee Pitts said...

@ Krissy That's awesome! My shoe's take up more than half our closet. Chris shoes have now be banished to the 50 pair shoe rack in the garage!

@ Katie You are SO welcome! Yea barefoot running is really tough but maybe with time you will be able to try again!

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