Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fit 4 Fun Thursday & Meet Stella!

It's Thursday y'all! It is almost the weekend! And I for one couldn't be more excited because it means I am closer to the Dumbo Double Dare, seeing my Mama and because I have a race Saturday morning. Which I just now registered for. I am one of those last second registration people.

My normal Thursday post is about Fit 4 Fun where I talk about my favorite time of the week at my local Fit2Run store! But sadly I had a meeting last night at 6:00 and couldn't go to my run club. Worst feeling in the world. Mostly because I don't get to see my run club friends. It was really heart breaking. Plus, I have not been feeling 100% (Thanks Chris! Love ya hunnie!). So the real only work out I did yesterday was the .5 distance to my car and back! So I walked a mile. Wow I feel LAZY!

I just don't want to push myself and then not be able to go to California. That would be totally devastating to me. So instead I am taking the next couple days off. Just to be on the safe side. But as I said early I signed up for a race on Saturday, AND I signed up for a 2.5 hours of "restore and renew" this is yoga involving massage and yoga. I AM SO EXCITED.

Yesterday I received an email from someone on my Facebook Fan Page. In this email Cara the writer behind Running In Sanity featured me on her blog! She was so nice to feature me and I just wanted to thank Cara for giving me my first feature! You can check out her post here!

I've been meaning to introduce you to the little doggie in my header! That is my Stella Belle! I call her my "Little Assistant Puppy Blogger". But she isn't the only dog in our house! We also have a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie Mix) named Lord Bentley (aka The Beebs). Our little Stella is a rescue and is 5 months old. The reason she is on my header is because she sits at my feet every morning and night, chewing on her rope while I write, update and do everything at my blog!

So here is a little photo shoot of Stella and I. She is my girl girl and my little buddy (she is literally 3 lbs.). Couldn't image life without her and Bentley. Oh! I also will be sharing a picture of Beebs too!

Until next time everyone!
QOTD: Do you have any pets? If so I'd love to see pictures of them! Share on my FB Page!  


Rachel Miller said...

I have a dachshund that lives at my parents house and I get to see him tonight for the first time in almost a year! I'm hoping he remembers me :D I'd love a dog right now, but I don't really have the time/money to care for one as a graduate student! As soon as I graduate, though, a puppy is on the agenda!

Kylee Pitts said...

@Rachel I am so glad you get to see your dachshund tonight! And trust me dogs never forget! He will be so glad to see you.

Jennifer Pug Pug said...


We have three pugs. They are lunatics but I can't imagine life without them.

Wornout Soles said...

Stella is adorable! I don't know what I would do without my fur babies - they are the best!

Amanda said...

Hi, new reader here!

I have two dogs - Belle and Jasmine. Lab mix sisters, Belle is yelow and Jasmine is Black. They are my kids.

I too love runDisney - 37 runDisney races completed and counting. I'll be out at Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare too!

I also share my races on my blog Come over and say hi if you get a chance :)!

Kylee Pitts said...

@Jennifer Thanks so much!

@Wornout Soles I agree! I have no idea what I would do without my babies! I am freaking out because this will be the longest I've been away from them when I go to California on Thursday!

@Amanda Welcome! I am so glad to have you as a blogging buddy! Would love to say hi in DL see you in a few days!!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 dogs! My Springer Spaniel is 11 and named Leo (aka. Old Man :P ) and we also have Darcy Jane (aka. baby girl) who we rescued her almost a year ago and she's a Schnocker (cocker spaniel and schnauzer)

Kylee Pitts said...

@fitfitbrittbritt We also call Stella Baby Girl! Thats so funny! I love the fact that you rescued! Bentley and Stella are both rescues!

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