Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Training for Disneyland & mid-week check in!

Guess what day it is? Ok, I know I am not the only one OBSESSED with this commercial! Happy Hump Day everyone! We are half way through the week. Yesterday was my official LAUNCH day. Just want to send a big thank you and hugs to everyone who has visited my facebook page or checked out my twitter. I truly didn't expect the overwhelming response! I literally am OVER THE MOON excited! It really means the world to me!
Just want to update everyone on my training so far. In two weeks I will be on my way to California with my Mama for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend! This will be my first trip to California as well as my first trip to Disneyland. This princess is beyond excited! I will be competing in the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. For those unfamiliar with this challenge it is over the course of two days and I will be running in the Disneyland 10k on Saturday and the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday.

Can't wait to have three of these hanging from my neck!
 I signed up for this race not knowing if I would be able to afford to go or get approved time off work. Until I called my Mama and she said "Ky, you only live once!" So in January we booked our hotel, our flights and here we are two weeks out! And if you are my facebook friend you know my cover photo has been this since like March.

Isn't he so cute?
Not only will I have three medals hanging around my neck, I will also be getting my Coast to Coast medal!  I have been dying for this medal for years! And in two short weeks it will be mine!

You're going to be mine!

My training has been going well. How about you? I luckily got some mileage in last night. 2 miles to be exact! I wanted to get 3.1 miles BUT it started to rain. (Oh! Have you seen my mileage counter on my sidebar? It's on your right!). Living in South Florida its hot all year round. But during the summer, the heat, afternoon rains and humidity make it a NIGHTMARE to train. My motto from May 1st - Sept 30th is, "Any mileage is good mileage."  AND treadmills make me motion sick...... I know I'm a big baby. 

I am not the type to do a race (runDisney races mostly) for time or speed. I do runDisney races for the joy of running....And so I can wear a tutu! I have been a tad behind though because of hand surgery that got me off course in May. But I am ready!

Until next time everyone!

QOTD: Are you going to the Disneyland Half Marathon? How's your training going?


Kim said...

Hi! I just came across your blog, through twitter to be exact. :) I'll be there for Dumbo as well in just a couple weeks. So exciting!
I started following your blog, I have one as well, coincidentally with a similar name. :)

Katie Zwicker said...

This is awesome! We have never been to Cali or to Disneyland either. Totally on our bucket list! AND I would love to do a rundisney event there when we do decide to scratch it off the list ;)

I've only done one rundisney event and that was the jingle jungle 5k last year. It was amazing! Training for my first rundisney half now. Hoping to do the 2014 wine and dine half. Giving myself a lot of time to train! Ha!

Kylee Pitts said...

@ Kim- Thanks so much! I know you are probably just as excited as I am to get to Disneyland! And Thank you for following my blog!

@Katie- I am super excited to go to Cali. My first trip! Especially because I get to spend some time with my mom! Wine & Dine is a great race! I've done it twice. Even though I have sworn off night races because I have gotten sick after everyone. It still is a great race!

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