Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Countdown to Disneyland!

Well we are all days away from boarding planes and heading to Disneyland. Unless you are already there. If you are, I am super jealous! I am one of the lucky 5,500 (give or take) runners taking part in the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare!

Packing, laundry and preparations have begun at our house. Chris will not be taking part in this race weekend. Someone has to stay home and watch the furbabies! But Mama is coming with me! Tons of pictures will be taken and I will probably get lost a time or two because neither Mama or myself have ever been to California!

Trying to pack for a destination race is something I have never done before. And as I started last night I quickly became overwhelmed. I will have a backpack and my carryon luggage. We will only be there for a short time and having to change planes twice, I am afraid to check it!

So with this short little post today, have you started packing yet? Do you have any tips on packing?

Until next time everyone!

QOTD: How do you pack for a destination race? 


Kim said...

Just a tip for getting through security a little easier- I always pack anything that needs to be taken out (laptop, bag of liquids, etc) in my backpack/purse instead of my bigger piece of luggage. That way I'm not fumbling with opening and closing a huge suitcase.

Jennifer Pug Pug said...

Have a great time!

Sarah said...

Have a good time! I made a list for packing for the race last week on my blog (I was a tad anxious for race weekend to come!). Check it out here: http://sarahrunsalot.blogspot.com/2013/08/dumbo-double-dare-packing-list.html

Jamie said...

I've never done a destination race, so I can't help, but GOOD LUCK! The Dumbo series sounds like a blast!!

Rachel Miller said...

Have so much fun! Cannot wait to hear all about it ;D I've never packed for a destination race, but I did spend the weekend in one of Disney's hotels for the Princess Half (I live an hour away from Orlando). I made sure that I had my race outfit, a towel, my shoes, and anything that was absolutely pertinent to the run itself and worried about "normal" outfits a little less.

Karen said...

Have a great race!
Karen @karenlovestorun

Kylee Pitts said...

@ Kim Thanks so much that is a great tip! I will for sure do that!

@ Jennifer Pug Pug Thanks so much! Hopefully we will get to meet soon at a race!

@ Sarah Awesome! I will for sure check it out tonight! Thanks so much for the help!

@ Jamie Awe your so sweet! I will have a great time! Be sure to check out my blog in the coming weeks for and recap!

@ Rachel We are lucky to only live 3 hours south of Orlando! I always over pack when I go to a WDW race! Will I see you at Princess this year?

@ Karen Thanks so much! Love tweeting with you missy!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and a great race! I haven't done a destination one but am about to do my first triathlon and have to spend the night out of town - I'm freaking about not forgetting anything. Then I'll do a destination race in February - the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disneyworld.

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