Friday, August 30, 2013

Greetings from Disneyland! Photo Log Day 1

Hi everyone! We got to California yesterday at noon (Cali time) and have been exploring the city of Anaheim and headed down to Downtown Disney District. Plus I got a MAJOR surprise when I was at the airport! Best day ever! Today we are headed to the expo. My favorite thing to do! I hope you enjoy my first Photo Log! Here we go!

6 AM Flight to Houston then on to LAX
This was my surprise! My sissy came to Cali with Mama! And she made tutus! 
Finally made it!
Painting the roses red? I am just smelling for paint! 
Very funny trash can! Mama and I wanted a picture!
Loving Disneyland so far! 
Having fun at the World of Disney!
My lego twin? Maybe! 
Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Did you make it to Disneyland yet? If so what have you done so far?


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