Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Workout Roundup: August 11-17

It's Sunday! Which means work tomorrow. Oh well that just means I am so much closer to going to Disneyland! I have been tapering down for the race. I did a 3 mile run this weekend. I was suppose to do a race on Saturday but Chris was up all night couching and sneezing so I was taking care of him and not getting any sleep. But other than that I got some mileage in this week!

Here is what I did the rest of the week!

Sunday: rest (I did a 7 miler the day before)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 2 mile run

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: Cardio Boot camp with my trainer David

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 mile run

I hope you all have a great Sunday! I am almost a week away from being in California! I am so excited to be able to go!

Until next time everyone!

QOTD: How did your workout's go this week? 


Jenny Hodges said...

It is so hot here in Florida. Thumbs down is right! I hope I can run a Disney race one day!!

Paige Podbelsek said...

Ahh you're crazy to run that much in this heat!! I'm in Tucson and it's been around 110 for the last couple of weeks and I can barely get out of my house, let alone run. Props to you! I found your blog on the Fbook page for Sweat Pink Ambassadors and love it! I've been reading it for awhile and think it's so adorable, so I nominated you for a Liebster Award...a fun way to get to know new blogs that deserve recognition! You can get more info on my post here: :)

Kylee Pitts said...

@ Jenny runDisney races are so fun! I would recommend them to anyone! And FL weather is no fun! I wanted to go out for an evening run tonight but NOOO cause it is raining. Boooo.

@ Paige Thank you! You are too sweet! I truly appreciate it. It has really been a great experience so far. It was a long journey to get to here but I am loving every min of it! And yes FL is super hot and so rainy! But I can't image being in Tucson! I give you props for dealing with 110 degree weather!

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