Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fab 5!

Happy Friday everyone! So I have seen this on a couple of different blogs. A lot of people usually call it the 5 on Friday. One of my friends, sorority sisters and fellow App State Alum does one. Her name is Melody and her blog is called Sweet Like a Song. You should def check out her blog! She is one of the sweetest people I know! 

This is called my Friday Fab 5! I will share with you 5 things that where awesome about this past week. I hope you enjoy Friday's as much as I will! So here is to my first ever Friday Fab 5! AHH! :)

First thing I loved about this week was I FINALLY got my amazing new planners in the mail! As I said in my first post I am old school and have a written planner. Well I order my new one for the year along with a small purse version for my blog! momAgenda is the most amazing, customizable planner I have ever had! If you are old school like me you should really check out momAgenda. I promise you won't regret it!

Chris has a slight cold.... So I am currently taking Airborne like CRAZY. Ok, not crazy but twice a day. There seems to be a current pattern in our house that right before a really important race of mine Chris ALWAYS gets a cold or the flu. The last time this happened was in this past January when I had signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Goofy Challenge (plus the 5k). I trained, I poured blood, sweat and tears into this race. I was ready. Chris even bought me the "I DID IT!" t-shirts.  My darling sweetie pie got the flu two weeks before the biggest weekend of my life. I thought I was safe. I slept in a different room. I cleaned the house every other day! WDW Marathon weekend comes around, and I was totally on cloud nine! AND BOOM I get the WORST flu of my life. I ran the WDW 5k and half marathon with 103 fever. And then I passed out in the food court the night before the Marathon and I threw in the towel. THERE WILL BE NO REPEAT OF THIS AT DISNEYLAND!

I am loving runDisney 1100% more right now! Mostly because Disneyland Half Marathon is right around the corner! I am super excited to be doing the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge! And because I get to spend some time with my Mama who I haven't seen in a while. I am feeling the urge to get a new camera for this trip. I was super sad that I didn't get into the Disneyland Half Meet-up. It is a dream of mine to get into one of these one day. Hopefully one day! But until then I will just hang out with my Mickey Mouse!

Obviously if you're reading this you have found my blog. But I am so excited and overwhelmed with all the love and support I have received from everyone. It blows my mind every day! So my number four is my blog. I hope you keep coming back and visiting!

You are my number five. Thank you for reading my blog. Everyone who has visited, commented, sent love via my Twitter and Facebook page! I try to acknowledge everyone and thank them for following me. It is important to me that you guys know what you mean to me. This blog wouldn't have been possible without you. So all of YOU are my number five! 

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: What is one thing you LOVED about your week?


Lisa said...

I feel like I am drinking tons of Airborne and EmergenC so that I don't get sick before I run Hood to Coast and The Dumbo Challenge! Must stay germ free! See you at Disneyland!!

Kylee Pitts said...

@Lisa I feel have been taking it twice a day! And I panicked because I left it at my office on Friday! I ran to the store to buy some more! I will not be sick this time around! See you there!

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