Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fab 5!

It's Friday! I am so glad it is the weekend. I feel like this week took FOREVER! It 's probably because I am so excited for Disneyland. I am so close! This time next week, well it will be 4:00 in the morning California time and I will probably be waking up. Why do I get the feeling that I will be getting up at 5 or 6 AM Cali time (It will really be 8 or 9 EST) and going for a run or work out pre park and expo? Oh well!

Being that it is Friday, you know its time for the Friday Fab 5! This is my FAVORITE post of the week because I get to tell you all about 5 things I loved about this week. Ready? Here you go!

I obsessed with the fact that I got my Disneyland Ticket yesterday. I had to get them sent to my office because someone had to sign for them. And no one is usually at our house during the day, except the dogs. So I got to see them in all there glory at my office.

That I have a 5k race tomorrow It is called The North Collier Regional Rampage 5k. Elite Events is a local race company that puts on literally the best local races around. During the summer they have a 3 series race contest. I unfortunately could not do the first race because of a surgery. I participated in the second of the series, Eagle Lakes Extreme 5k.. My chip time was  31:51, I places 7th in my age group, 50th overall female and 117th overall. I am pushing for a 30:30 to 31:00 time. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday I signed up for a yoga class called Restore and Renew. It will take place on Sunday from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. This yoga class is a relaxing therapeutic workshop while a massage therapist works on you. I thought it would be a nice little down time before Disneyland Half. It will be at Bala Vinyasa Yoga. Be sure to check out my blog next week to get a review of this! Now I need to go find my yoga mat... Hmmmmm.

I am happy and sad about this one. I stopped by our local Disney Store to pick up some goodies for our trip to Disneyland. Well when I walked it I found out the store was closing! NOOOOOO! But EVERYTHING in the store was 75% off! GASP! YAY! So I basically purchased a 8 shirts for me 8 shirts for Mama and some other goodies. But here is one of the coffee mugs I got! Be sure to check out my photo blog everyday while I am in Cali to see what shirts I got!

I am so excited to see my MAMA! I haven't seen my Mom since April. Which is a really long time for us. She spends about 3 months out of the year down here is South Florida and the rest of her time in Northern Georgia at her cabin. I am just really excited to see her and spend some quality time with her. I am sad the Kelcy May can come with us to Disneyland! It's ok I told her we would go back next year!

Until next time everyone!
QOTD: What is one thing you LOVED about your week? 


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the race! :)

Rachel Miller said...

Good luck on your race!! I saw my mom this weekend, too :) for the first time since December. I'm only with her for 2.5 days though, and then I won't see her until December again. :(

Kylee Pitts said... Thanks so much!

@Rachel Awe I know the feeling! I can't wait to see my Mama and give her a big old hug!

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