Monday, September 30, 2013

Fit 4 Fun Thur... Well Monday: Fit Nation Fall Social

Even though today is Thursday, my favorite day of the week is Wednesday. I will tell you this every week. Every time I see the clock hit 5:00 PM at the office I can't wait to get my running gear on and see my friends at Fit2Run. I literally have the best group of running friends ever. And it is all thanks to Fit2Run.

This week it was the Fit Nation Fall Social. What is Fit Nation (Aka FN)? It is a local fitness magazine. They are less than a year old but very active in the community. They have a social every season. The summer social was at a local restaurant. This time it took over our Fit2Run Fun Run Thursdays. Kimmi and the FN team did a great job.

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Fit2Run was happy to host this event that not only had our normal 5k run but a bike course of 6, 12 or 18 miles. I obviously chose to take the 5k route. I have not come full circle to biking yet, even thought I own one. Maybe I should start riding.....Hmmm

The cool thing we got to do at this FN & Fit2Run Fall Social was that I got to test run Newton running shoes AND 110% compressions sleeves. The Newton running shoes where different. I don't think I would purchase these shoes. BUT 110% compressions sleeves, OMG I am obsessed with these. They have extra pockets to put ice. AHHH AMAZING!

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The 5k route was the same as always. At mile two there was a young girl, probably in middle school walking and as I passed her I said, "Come on girl! You're younger than me! Let's finish this as a team." then I had a running buddy the rest of the way.

After the 5k there where table set up from local Chiropractors, massage therapist, different personal trainers, it was really neat. The best part? We all had dinner from Moe's for free. It was great not having to cook dinner.

I talked to my friends and talked to different booths and got a free chair massage. It was amazing. They had a great raffle too! Sadly I didn't win anything, but Jill  did! Lucky duck. It really was a great night to hang out with my running friends and have some fun! Love my Fit2Run friends.

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Do you have a core group of running friends? 


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