Monday, September 16, 2013

Runners Funk

I have lost someone and I don't know where to find her. She is a young vibrant girl who loves all things running and traveling the world. She is motivated, had a weekly work out schedule and is completely obsessed with her dogs. She was just happy. Her name is Kylee, have you seen here?

So I am in a runners funk. Yes, I said it. I am in a runners funk. I have a tendency to get like this after a major race. And with Dopey almost 100 days away, I don't have time to be in a runners funk. On top of runners funk, I am having a series cause of writers block lately. I am having trouble finding words.

If you have been following my blog since I started writing about a month ago, you know that I never write about anything negative. This is because I am not a negative person. But I feel like this runners funk is making me feel negative.

I think not being motivated to lace up my sneakers and hitting the road is making me fuzzy and feeling lazy. So I have been asking myself this past week how can I get out of my runners funk and focused back on the thing that makes me happy in life. And here is what I came up with.

I need to focus a little more on myself. I think since I have been back from Disneyland I have been so consumed with my job, family, Chris, the dogs and just life in general. I need to find the inner joy and peace that comes from focusing on oneself. Plus I have a 10k this coming Saturday that I have a goal to reach (check out my September Goals post).

If you have seen this girl, please tell her to come home because I miss her terribly.With that I will end my little rant on runners funk. I need some motivation badly! 

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Have you ever been in a runners funk post big race? How did you get out of it? 


Teamarcia said...

I don't usually fall into a funk post-race (it's more of a relief for me) but I've definitely been there. Maybe change it up for a little while: crosstrain, pick a new route or run at a different time if possible. Hope the spark comes back!

Jennifer Pug Pug said...

So far, I've avoided the runner's funk, but my big races are yet to come, so I might be experiencing it soon.

I think you need to give yourself a couple of days to wallow in it, and then just lace up and get out the door.

Adam Burleson said...

It seems as though most runners I know are in somewhat of a "funk" right now. I am getting through one. I've found that for one week you cut back the miles, change the routine, and cleanse a bit on the diet helps to recharge the running battery. Try a mental break from the routine and eat very clean during that time to physically cleanse the body and mind.

Crazyrunningfool said...

I second all of the above comments. The summer is the worst for me, too much going on and then I get frustrated becuase I slow down its too hot or whatever. I try to also mix up what I am doing, maybe a 5k with some friends (for fun) or a relay, or jsut something different. A little break never hurt anyone either. Like Adam said, a good cleanse. Good Luck!

Rachel Miller said...

Aw, good luck finding your mojo again! The time that I usually get into a runner's funk is when I'm training. So far, I have avoided it (I still have two weeks left until the TOT 10-Miler, so it could change), but I definitely think it's easier for me to fall into a funk when I don't have a training plan because I'm just kind of running whatever I want/whenever I want and I can lose that motivation easier.

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

When I start to get into a funk, it's often b/c I'm stressed out and/or fatigued. I try to get out of my head and just run for fun, no training strategies, no pace, just get out and enjoy being outside.

Running4Rescues said...

Ugh me too! I'm doing dopey (and wine and dine) and just can't seem to find the time/want to find the time to train. I think I just need to force myself to go!

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