Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recap: Disneyland Half Marathon

Sunday morning my alarm went off bright and early at 3:00 AM. I was exhausted from the day before. Kelcy May was leaving to head back to the airport at 9:30 AM, so I knew I would have to kick my race into high gear so I could see her before I left.

I quickly got dressed and headed out to the Disneyland Hotel once more with my snack bag in hand. This morning was more organized then yesterday Disneyland 10k. I walked right to Corral C and sat on a curb to munch on some snacks.

The race didn't start for another hour so I started tweeting with some of my favs and called Chris to inform him that I was at the race and he should get out of bed because it was almost 8 AM EST. He said "Good Luck, I love you but you just woke the dogs up. And I am going back to bed.".

Finally Corral A went off and I got this sick feeling in my stomach. I think it was my nerves from this whole weekend. It was coming to a close and I had set out to do everything I wanted. There was only one catch, it was 13.1 miles away.

It was my turn to start and I knew I had to push myself a little harder but not burn myself out. intervals would start about a half mile in. When I woke up in the morning my legs where so tight. I didn't want to injury myself.

Miles one, two and three went by like nothing. Most of the course I had seen the day before because it was going though the parks. So I just enjoyed and looked around for things I hadn't seen the day before. It was a little different this time because I didn't have a camera with me to take tons of pictures.

By mile four and five we where out of the parks and in the city of Anaheim. This was the part I was most excited for. When we arrived in California we took a bus right from LAX to Disneyland. So I hadn't really explored the area. I slowed down my pace so I could enjoy the city.

Mile six rolled around and I had a god awful cramp in my left shoulder behind my shoulder blade that was coursing down my left arm. I quickly grabbed some Bio-Freeze from the medical tent and slathered it all over my shoulder and shoulder blade. One of the joys I had at mile six and a half was there where a group of people on the side of the road holding signs that said "Free Candy from Strangers" I laughed and saw a woman giving out some Twizzlers. It was exactly what I needed at that point.

Mile seven and eight I enjoyed some local high school bands along with some Hawaiian and Latin dancers. I really wanted to stop and dance with them. Mile 8.5 I started to see all these cars lined the side of the road. This was the most AMAZING thing I have ever seen in my life. for about two miles (or what seemed like two miles to me) there had to be like 250+ antique and souped up cars.

One random fact about Chris and I is we share a love for mustangs. My first car was a 2000 green V-6 mustang. Chris has a 2007 custom mustang. The joke around our house is that he loves that car more than he loves us (meaning me + Stella & Bentley).

I stopped my RunKeeper app on my phone and started snapping pictures as fast as I could. Soon it was mile nine and we where on a trail headed to the Angels Stadium. I could see it in the distance. I have run around the ESPN ball field but not and and actual MLB field. As we approached the field I heard all this screaming and cheering it was one of the biggest crowds I have seen cheering for runners. I saw some Boy and Girl Scouts, cheerleaders and marching bands. Then we headed into the stadium.

I felt like a super star. Everyone was screaming and cheering it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I took tons of pictures on my phone after stopping my RunKeeper app one last time. We headed out of the Angels stadium and I saw the Mile 10 sign. From mile eight to nine was the shortest mile by far to me. I took a deep breath and said to myself "Ky, you have a 5k to go and your done.".

Off I went as far as my little sore legs would take me. Miles 11 & 12 took us near the high way and I swear I passed our hotel in the process. I looked down at my watch and it was about 8:30 I knew I needed to pick up the pace if I wanted to see Kelcy May before she left and I had one mile to go.

I saw the mile 13 sign in the distance and at the same time I heard a scream (only my sister can do) say "Ky-Ky!" and a huge smile and wave. Kelcy May and Mama where near the finish line. I ran over said hello. Kelcy looked at me and said "Your hurting huh?" I smiled and said "Only .1 to go." and off I went to the finish line.

I crossed the finish line with a time of 2:54:32 with an average pace of 13:19 a mile. I had FINALLY completed the runDisney Coast to Coast Challenge and the Inaugural Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare.

Overall: I think the course was great. It took me through a city I have never seen before. Some parts of the city where nicer than others, but who doesn't have that problem? I wish there had been a couple more medical tents seeing as it was very hot for some people. I luckily trained in heat and was prepared for it. I would for sure go back and do the Disneyland Half Marathon again.

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Did you do the Disneyland Half? What did you think of it? 


Rachel Miller said...

I am not a sports fan at all (other than running and hockey), but I think it would be so cool to run through a full stadium! Loved that you finished it and loved that you had such a great time! See you at Princess :D

Jennifer Pug Pug said...

Awesome! Another Mustang fan here! Love my car.

Love all your pics, too. Looks like you had a blast in DL!

Paige Podbelsek said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Looks like a blast.

Darby said...

The stadium was amazing!!!! All those scouts cheering, it was the best!

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