Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recap: Paradise Coast International 10k

Sunday morning I competed in the Paradise Coast International 10k. Was it an international 10k? Well no, it was in Naples, FL. But it was a 45 min drive from our condo to the location of the race! That's almost like going international!

courtesy of eliteevents.org

The alarm went off at 5:30 am, and I quietly slipped out of bed without waking Chris or the dogs up. I should totally win an award for this, because trying to slip out of bed without waking Bentley (our 1 year old yorkie, who is "special needs") up like NEVER happens. I had laid out my clothes the night before, so they where in the bathroom ready to go. By 6:00 am I was out the door, in the car and on my way to Naples.

By 6:30 am I was walking up to see some of my friends at the Fit2Run tent. We all chatted for a bit and then at 6:55 we all headed to the start line. This race was held at Sugden Park. I have been to this park tons of time when I was growing up. But this was my first race since Disneyland and with my runners funk I was definitely a little nervous. I had a time/goal I wanted to make and I was determined to do it. Soon the gun went off with a bang and away we went.

Mile one was very uneventful. I was trying to get my stride and calm my nerves, while adjusting to the rising humidity. I had run this course before for a 5k in June 2011, so I was some what familiar with this course until about halfway through mile one we took a left turn and we where now in a neighborhood that surrounded the park. And then after another few mins we entered East Naples Park which coincidentally was across the street from.

Mile two we where rounding a small swampy marsh lake and the sun was starting to shine. This is when I realized I didn't have my sunglasses! Kill me. We where soon leaving East Naples Park and heading back to Sugden and about to run the swampy trail around the lake. I felt great but the humidity was in full forces, especially since we where running next to a marshy swamp.

Mile three we passed the starting line and the Fit2Run tent. I looked over and saw some of my friend, Jill, Kimmie and Sarah. I got so excited that I started jumping around and waving. Sarah thankfully saw me and started jumping around too, so I didn't look like a total idiot. I was halfway through at this point and had to run the course one more time.

Mile three took use down the side of the sand by the small beach in front of the lake. And then right back into the neighborhood and back into East Naples Park. I was feeling the heat and humidity now and felt like I was struggling a little. Soon mile four turned into five and I was counting down. I had my goal in sight. I tried to pick up the pace but my lungs started to tighten up from the humidity so I had to slow down.

I rounded mile six and saw Jill, Kimmi and Sarah again and I started to jump and get excited. I started to push myself as hard as I could and crossed the finish line at 1:10:22.8. I was 2 mins short of my 1:08 goal. That was heart breaking.

I quickly grabbed some bananas and Powerade and ran over to chat with my friends. About an hour later we heard they where starting the awards. So we all started over to the award area. I was hoping for a top five finish because the awards go five deep in each category. And what runner doesn't love to be award for their training

My age group came up almost immediately. I already knew my time and they usually never (or at least that I know of) say time with the persons name. They announced the girl who came in 5th and her time was high than mine so I knew I placed. Then they announced 4th and 3rd, both where not me. I was like holy moly I am in the top two. And when they announced 2nd it was me Ta-Da!

FOR SHAME!! I missed the Fit2Run group picture. But I love Jill! 

Overall this was a great race. The course was very scenic and swampy (a Floridian Favorite). Elite Events definitely puts on some great local events. I really excited for their next event.......... Rocktoberfest 10-miler!

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Did you do any races this past weekend? How did you do?


Melissa said...

I placed 3rd for my age group in a half marathon trail run. Im rather psyched and want to tell the world. But I didn't find out until after I left but that's still still OK. I love your gear and major congrats on your win!!!



Jennifer Pug Pug said...

Congratulations on placing in your AG! That's awesome!

Rachel Miller said...

Congrats on placing 2nd in your age group! I placed 4th in my age group at the 5k I ran a couple weeks ago and they only give medals to the top 3 finishes. BUMMER! Awesome job :D

Dawn Guillory said...

I am competing in the 10K in Sep '14. Do all finishers receive a medal for the 10K? The website makes it sound like the finisher medals are just for the triathlon and dualathon. Just checking - thanks! PS Congrats on your award!!

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