Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recap: Inaugural Disneyland 10K

Is anyone else ready for the weekend? It's already Tuesday and I am so ready for the weekend! Today I will continue my recaps from my trip to Disneyland. It already feels like it was so long ago. Don't worry I am already planning a trip back to Disneyland for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in 2015.

This was a really memorable race for me and my sister. Not only was it the Inaugural Disneyland 10k, it was Kelcy May's first race EVER! And on top of that we got to experience it together. She had trained for this race after I introduced her to the Galloway method. She was very excited to run after that.

The night before the race we came back to our hotel room to find the whole floor flooded from a leaky sink. After quickly packing up our stuff we moved to a new room. Kelcy May and I started to lay out our race gear. Actually I laid out our race gear and she laid on the bed playing her new found addiction to Candy Crush. After about hour we started to notice the room was getting really hot. We turned the air down and about 20 mins later we realized that the air condition in the room was broken. We packed up the room and our stuff one more time and the hotel gave us a new room. It was a mess.

Our alarm went off at 3:30 AM. My body clock was still on EST, so it was not too bad getting up because I would have already been up at home. We quickly got dressed grabbed our snacks and headed towards the start line.

Once we got to the Disneyland Hotel, we noticed that everyone with 10k & Dumbo Double Dare bibs. We asked a volunteer why they where not letting us go to our corrals and she told us that the 5k had not started yet. And once the 5k runners had cleared the corrals we would be able to go to the corrals. So we found a curb and started to snack.

Soon everyone started to move towards the corrals and we moved with the crowd. We where in corral C, and soon after taking a few pictures the gun went off for corral A. We slowly started to move forward and Kelcy May asked me when we would start, I said probably in about 10 mins or so. Then all of a sudden as we where slowly moving forward everyone started running and we started the race.

Kelcy May and I had a plan of running the first mile as a warm up and then ease into the Galloway interval method at 3:1. For those who are not familiar with this it's a run/walk method. We chose to run 3 mins and walk 1 min. I quickly realized that my little sister (who is 5'11 almost 6'0) has a very large stride compared to me (I am 5'5). I was running double my normal warm up speed to keep up with her.

We came to mile one that was near the entrance of the convention center. Side note: Disney should definitely hold the expo there next year. more room for sure! Ok back to the 10k. We started our intervals at this point with my green little timer I strap to my arm. Soon mile two was in sight and I saw the FUNNIEST sign ever. It literally said "Run from the twerking Miley" I nearly fell over from laughing so hard.

Mile two took us through California Adventure. Kelcy May seemed to be ok. We stopped to drink a lot of water. As we rounded out mile three I heard a familiar voice. I turned to Kelcy May and said "Is that mom?" and sure enough there was Mama with her camera in hand snapping pictures and screams to everyone around her "THERE ARE MY GIRLS!". Only my mother would let everyone around her know that we where her children. After a quick hug, off we went.

Mile four and five took us through Disneyland. Near mile five Kelcy May over heard a runner say the Joey Fatone was only a short distance ahead of us. That's all she needed to hear and off like lightning she went. After run-stalking Joey for about a half a mile and snapping pictures but not actually bothering him to take a picture, which I am not sure which is worse.

We came out the main entrance to Disneyland and saw Mama again. Another quick hug and off we went to the finish line. As we took our last min walk break, Joey and his wife passed us. Kelcy and I looked at each other and started to run behind them. We crossed the finish line with Joey Fatone. Confetti flew through the air and N*SYNC song "It's Gonna Be Me" started playing through the speakers. We quickly got our medals. I got my Dumbo Double Dare wrist band and off we went to find our mom.

Overall this was a great Inaugural 10k for Disneyland. It was a little slow starting but once we started running all of our worries melted away. It was such a great course because it stayed on Disneyland property. I loved it. Stay tuned tomorrow for my recap of the Disneyland Half Marathon! 

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Did you run the Disneyland 10k? What did you think? 


Christina said...

Congrats to you and Kelcy on a great race! Looks like you had a blast, and how fun that you got to cross the finish line with Joey!!

Rachel Miller said...

WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM FOR A PICTURE?! Jealous of your life right now.. So glad you had that opportunity and got to share it with your sister!

Amanda said...

Looks like you two had a great race!

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