Monday, September 9, 2013

Recap: Disneyland Health & Fitness Expo

Well it's been a week since I was in California. I was super exhausted this whole week trying to get my life back in order. But I am already missing the magic of Disney. This was my first trip to California, and my first trip to Disneyland and Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

Some of you may have already seen my photo log from my first day. If not be sure to check it out. Day two of our trip was Disneyland Health & Fitness Expo day. I always get so excited for the expo. It is my favorite thing during the whole race weekend. I had my plan of attack for the expo drafted two week prior. I was ready.

My sister (who wasn't suppose to come to California, surprised me at the airport. Sneaky sneaky) had been to the 2011 Wine & Dine Expo and my Mama had never been to an expo before. Kelcy May and I assured my mom that they are really well organized and really fun.

She stole my glasses and thought she was so funny.
Friday morning we woke up 6 am California time. In our world it was 9 am EST. We slowly moved around, grab some breakfast and headed towards Downtown Disney District. We made a quick pit stop at Cars Land to ride Radiator Springs Racers (Single Riders Line) and then headed over to the Disneyland Hotel.

We arrived at 9:10 with the Expo opening at 10:00, I figured we would have a really great spot in line. Boy was I wrong. We walked into a big cluster of people with no idea which line was which. The only indication of a line was some green tape placed on the ground. We chose to go to the expo first and get out packets later. Kelcy May and I really wanted to get some runDisney merchandise. After finding our spot in line, we quickly told mama to go sit in the shade near the door. There was no need for her to suffer in line in the heat for 50 mins.

Soaking wet in sweat the mass of people coming to the expo got bigger and bigger. Kelcy May and I made a plan to make a mad dash (without Mama) to the merchandise and grab different stuff in our sizes. And if we grabbed stuff we didn't want or doubles we would put them back.

Finally the doors to the expo opened and we stood there for about 10 mins until we figured out some how the line we where in turned into the packet pick up line. We made a mad dash to the merchandise passing our Mama on the way. We instructed her to stay there in the shade and we would call her once we got our merchandise and then would walk the expo.

Once we got to the merchandise EVERYTHING was basically gone. Our little mouths dropped. Tears nearly formed in my eyes. Kelcy May grabbed my arm and said "Ky it's not worth it. We will come back later tonight." With our heads hanging we grabbed Mama and walked the expo

Taking an expo break.
Boy did we get a ton of free stuff. Water bottles, draw string back packs, stickers, wrist bands, T-shirts, samples of products. We had such a great time! My FAVORITE booth of all was the Raw Threads booth. They have the best running shirts and Disney related running shirts ever! Kelcy May and I picked up 2 sleeveless shirts. One for our 10k (Kelcy May got a Mermaid Shirt and I got one that said Rose) and we got Dee and Dum shirts. So cute. Mama even got one shirt that said SeaWitch.

We walked around for another 45 mins and took some pictures with Ali Vincent and Jeff Galloway. Plus some really nice California Police Officer who Kelcy May LOVED. But Mama was loving the free stuff.

Kelcy May made friends with the California Police Officer. Ooh La La! 
We headed back to the park after that. We got to explore Disneyland all day. It was great. Then we headed back to the expo at about 5:00 to walk around a little more and get our race packets. Much to our disliking there was hardly any runDisney stuff left. But I managed to get a few things. I did get a Dumbo Double Dare Green Hoodie, Disneyland runDisney tech, Disneyland Half Marathon "I DID IT" Shirt, some pins and a medal for my runDisney vinylmation. We then headed down to get our packets. It was way less crowded and way more fun.

Overall I think Disneyland needs to have the expo in a bigger location and possible consider doing a presale of their mechandise with pick up at the expo. But it did not damper my Disney Running expo love. I am totally looking forward to WDW Marathon Weekend Expo! Be sure to check out tomorrow when I recap the Disneyland 10k!
Until next time everyone!

QOTD: How did you feel about the Disneyland Health & Fitness Expo? 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with runDisney or The Walt Disney Company in anyway. I am not paid for my views. All views and comments are my own. 


Rachel Miller said...

That's a bummer that there weren't too many items left! Was Friday the first day of the expo? That's hard to believe that they'd be low on inventory already! I'm glad you didn't let that ruin your race weekend and that you enjoyed your time with your mom and sister!

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