Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid Week Check-in & GIVEAWAY

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to be halfway through the week. It has been so crazy at my office because we have our pet signature event on Friday that I have assisted with. I can not wait until Saturday morning. But I can't forget about my 10 mile race on Sunday!

courtesy of elite 

I've been taking it super easy this week. and took last night off. I ran a 5k Sunday night and biked 5.5 miles last night on a stationary bike. Felt awesome. I am getting ready for a Duathlon coming up in December. OYE!

But onto more exciting news... I HAVE REACHED 200 LIKES ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE! And as promised I am doing my first GIVEAWAY! I am so excited because I have been waiting to do this for a while now! So here are all the dets!

This giveaway package is called Runners Wonderland! You will get 4 GU packets, 2 Nuun tubes, a Sparkle Headband and a 'Find Your Happy Pace' Tech shirt! Once the winner is selected he/she will send me shirt size and off the prizes will go to you!

This is mine, but they have a womens & mens cut

The contest will take place October 16-23 and the winner will be announced Friday October 25! I AM SO EXCITED! There are 4 ways to enter:

1. Like The Glass Slipper Confessions on Facebook
2. Follow me on Twitter
3. Comment on this post
4. Tweet about this giveaway

I  hope you guys will take part in this contest! I am so excited

Until next time everyone!
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Kat said...

Good morning Kylee, thought I would comment before I go on my morning run. =) I love running because it makes me feel strong, energetic, and productive. Currently training for a half.

Betsy M. said...

I like running because it is my me time!

Anonymous said...

I love running because it is something that makes me feel strong, powerful, free, and I have had so many fun experiences because of running adventures!

Sarah said...

I love running because is it a great stress reliever (and because I really like food!)

Anonymous said...

I love running because it really is my happy place. I can relieve stress, push my body or just enjoy some me time. Running keeps me sane, haha. Congrats on the 200 likes!

Emily Nickles said...

I love running for the feeling it gives me! (sanity)

Anonymous said...

Hey, fellow sweat pink girl here! I love running because of the feeling I have afterwards, no matter how far or how long I always feel great and want to do it again!

lindalou said...

I just started running at age 60 ... never could run before. I'm slow... but that's ok... I'm moving and I love how energized it makes me! I love this shirt! It's so true! I have a Happy Pace! Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I love running to distress. I always feel better after a good run!

Melissa said...

Hello! Nuun, my fav, headbands my fav. I think this giveaway was mae just for me and the things I love!


Cecil Vermule said...

I love the feeling I get and the way it sets me up for the day. Of course the added bonus of being a little more healthy and showing my kids how to be healthy doesn't hurt either.

mike said...

Great blog. Running is a huge refreshment to any day's challenge. The sense of accomplishment can't be replaced. Many blessing to all the Dopey runners.

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