Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Fit2Run Store Coming to Downtown Disney!

So I have been DYING for the past week or so when I found out this amazing news, and I wanted to be the first to tell my readers THE BEST NEWS EVER, but I was sworn to secrecy. Since I just got an email officially announcing it, I think it is totally safe to go public with it! Fit2Run is opening a store at Downtown Disney on the West Side!

I nearly cried when I heard this about a week ago. The ink was still fresh on the paper when I heard. This will be a great opportunity for every runDisney Fan to stock up on some AWESOME gear while visiting for race weekend! Opening date (according to the email I just got) is slated for November 1st. Just in time for all you Wine & Diners.

Prelim drawing of Fit2Run Downtown Disney. Courtesy of

For those of you who do not know what Fit2Run is, it is the most amazing runners paradise store on the planet. They also really REALLY care about there customers and clients. My local Fit2Run host different events like Fit2Run Fun Run on Wednesday, Yoga on Sundays, test runs of different shoes and trainings sessions (5k, 10k, Half and Full) for people who need a running group.

Fit2Run also Club Fit2Run for an annual fee of $30.00 you get VIP access to special events, 30-day test run guaranteed on all running shoes, advance notice of sales, specials discounts and much much more! It will literally pay for itself with a purchase of shoes. What store on earth let's you return shoes if you don't like them during the first month you own them? RIDDLE ME THAT!

And Fit2Run also had an Ambassador program! These are a select group of people in the community that really believe in the mission of Fit2Run. Who motivate people, age group award winners and everyone in-between. I love the Ambassadors at my store. They are some of the greatest runners and friends I know.

Courtesy of Kimmi at Fit2Run Coconut Point/Estero
Now that Fit2Run is coming to Downtown Disney get to know the staff there when they open. I'm sure you will LOVE the people there. One of my most favorite running buddy in the entire world is our Manager at our Fit2Run store and best part I get to call her my friend, Kimmi. She and her team at our store are AWESOME. Can't wait to see them tonight because it is Wednesday! 

Until next time everyone! 

QOTD: Will you be checking out the Fit2Run store at Downtown Disney when it opens?  


Anna Louise Downing said...

How exciting! I love new running stores. I have been blessed since I live between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD to have a variety of running stores and I love them all especially my local one: Charm City Run. Can't wait for my next Disney trip now to check this out! :)

Debbie Benton said...

You are fortunate that your Fit 2 Run store cares about you. The store I go to ignores me and is NOT knowledgeable about their products. I have never had a good experience in this particular store.

Fairytales and Fitness said...

The only thing better would be if they sold official Run Disney merchandise, but I doubt that would happen!

Kim said...

This is so awesome! I love our Fit2Run and I am so happy to know while I am in Disney I can get all the things I have come to love! Do you care if I put a link of this post up my Facebook site (Kim Runs Disney)?

Kylee Pitts said...

@Kim: Go right ahead! Love it! And thank you!

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