Monday, January 6, 2014

Nearly 2 years has lead to this! It's DOPEY time!

Wow. After months of preparation and training has all boiled down to 4 days, 4 race, 6 medals. I am TWO days away from driving up to Orlando and meeting my mom. I will be leaving here at 5:00 AM Wednesday morning and head straight to ESPN Wide World of Sports for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Health and Fitness Expo! This is my most favorite thing to do during marathon weekend.

For those of you who don't know my journey to the Dopey Challenge it all started two years ago when I signed up for the "unofficial" Dopey Challenge. This is essentially the Goofy Challenge with the added 5k. Anyway after training and saving money Chris and I got to Disney and I was hit with the flu. I ran the 5k and Half Marathon with 103 fever and the night before the Full Marathon I fainted in the food court of our hotel and my dreams of doing the Goofy died. I cried that whole night. And here we are almost 365 days later and I am coming back with a vengeance.

My training has been AMAZING. I literally couldn't have done with without of Train2Run Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Groupies. And I can't forget my Fun2Run friends on Wednesday nights! The past couple months we have run through rain, heat and humidity and one night of freezing temps! Ok, ok maybe it was like the 50's but STILL that is freezing for South Florida standards!

I will be arriving bright and early at the expo for some fun Wednesday morning, and will be tweeting all weekend and facebooking so be sure to stay tuned to my pages for updates. We will be staying off site this year. But if you do see me around the park please say hi! I love talking to people!

Last min prep is in full swing. I will be spending most of tonight packing and getting ready. Laundry has been in full swing and our bed room looks like a running bomb went off in it. Chris walked upstairs last night and walked in the room as I sit on the bed sorting stuff and he said laughing "Wow, I can't handle this!" and turned around and walked away! Silly.

Courtesy of runDisney Twitter Page.

So what are you packing? Are you already at Disney? And how much do you LOVE the race shirts?!? I hoping (fingers crossed) that Disney Park Blog will post some merchandise pics today! YAY! 

Until next time everyone! 


Jamie said...

My heart broke a little for your experience last year. What a let down.
Have a great time this weekend and GOOD LUCK!

Karen Seal said...

Have SO much fun! It's redemption time...excited for you!

We Run Disney said...

Have a great weekend Kylee.....say hi if you see us around!

jillconyers said...

How exciting! Good luck and enjoy the anticipation. Enjoy the run!

Runaway Bridal Planner said...

Way cool! Good luck, you'll have a great time!

Fit Fit Britt Britt said...

Fun! Wish I was running this year, maybe next time :) Lots of luck to you!

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