Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Did You Miss Me? Life/Training Update -- New Years Edition 2014!

Hi everyone! Man, I can't believe 2013 is over! And that I have been so MIA since Mid-October! First off let me apologize for my absence. Life happens and I am a firm believer that Family comes first. They took the front seat for a short time. But I am happy to be back up and running! So let me update you on some happenings in my life!

Life Updates: 

I went more to the blonde side. And I like it!

I FINALLY got my 2013 Coast to Coast Shirt in the mail! 

My little Stella had surgery and had to wear the 'Cone of Shame' for Halloween.... So we told people we dressed her up like a satellite dish.

 Bentley now thinks he is the 'King of the House' and proceeds to sleep on top of pillows like he is royalty or something. #Spoiled.

I had Fire Training at work and learned to put out fires. I really felt like a bad ass after it all.
Chris got me some flowers and a card. Just because. I really thought he did something wrong.

And Stella became a toy hoarder. We are currently seeking treatment for her 
hoarding tendencies now. 

Training Update: 

Joined a running/training group at Fit2Run. LOVE IT. And volunteered at the Ft. Myers Beach Half and Full Marathon! Best experience of my life.

I love donuts so much...But my coach said it is not part of my training plan. BOO

 Since my SERIOUS training started back in October (about 11 weeks), I have logged 258 miles. Stella wants to start running too. 

I FINALLY bought myself a Lululemon Scuba Zip Hoodie for WDW Marathon Weekend. Not to run in of course but to be cozy warm. Best part of this whole thing, I got it day after Christmas for $58.00

I also bought  some VIBRAMS! Aka my Tinger shoes. Love them.
 I don't run in them but I love them. 

 I also made some Christmas Cookies that my coach said I couldn't have..... Evil.

Be on the look out for my blog updates that will occur every 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! 

Until next time everyone! 


Lisa said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you have been a busy bee! And, what's with your anti-sweets coach? ;)

Kylee Pitts said...

Lisa- My coaches (I have 2) are AMAZING people. But they are very healthy people. So they get made when I eat a lot of not so good for you food. I am a closet eater. I can't just have one donut or just one cookie. I need to have 50 of each! lol

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